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Zynga’s Words with Friends dictionary considered harmful

October 28, 2011

If you play Zynga’s online scrabble game, Words with Friends, just be aware that their dictionary is flawed. I just got 65 points for “quate,” which so far as I can tell is not a word. It appears to be in their dictionary because of improper parsing of typesetting that hyphenates “inadequate” when there’s a line break. See, for instance, the snippets of text with which illustrates the uses of “quate.”  Then there’s the Urban Dictionary entries, one of which appears to have been created by a Words with Friends player who, like me, was surprised to have it accept “quate.”  They were even luckier than me — 136 points points, over my mere 65.  I don’t know whether Zynga is using’s dictionary or rolling their own, but they clearly have a quality control problem when it comes to parsing text with words that are hyphenated by the typesetter.


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  1. Meghan Jarvis permalink

    Not really a comment but I have a quick question, “DROVED” for some does not seem to be a proper word yet words with friends allowed my opponent to play it , that’s not a real word is it?

  2. “Droved” is the past tense of “droving”:

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